FreshService - TARP SMALL TOTE

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FreshService - TARP SMALL TOTE




SIZE : FREE(ヨコ46cm×タテ40cm×奥行き18cm)
MATERIAL : ポリエステル 100%



『 FreshService フレッシュサービス 』

FreshServiceは、ディレクターの南 貴之が世界中で作られているものを独自の視点で再構築し、新たな製品として提案するプロジェクト。

FreshService - TARP SMALL TOTE

FreshService eco-friendly bag series made of olive-coloured sheet material, which is highly durable and resistant to wind and rain.

This grocery tote is ideal for shopping for daily necessities.

There is a front pocket with a zip for small items.

SIZE : FREE (46 cm (width) X 40 cm (height) X 18 cm (depth))
MATERIAL : 100% polyester

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Brand description.
FreshService FreshService"

FreshService is a project in which director Takayuki Minami reconstructs things made all over the world from his own perspective and proposes them as new products.
The project is based on the concept of "tools" - garments with a clear purpose and tools made from the perspective of "fashion and art".
The project works with manufacturers and factories in areas where mass production is difficult, with makers whose faces can be seen, and with manufacturers and factories that are mass-produced but have high practicality and functionality, and offers a range of items that enrich the lifestyles of those who pick them up, from stationery, cutlery, towels and other daily necessities to uniforms and workwear-inspired garments. The items on offer range from everyday items such as stationery and cutlery to uniforms and workwear-inspired garments.

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¥2,200 tax included