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・REVERSE WEAVE®のニューコンセプトでありながら、別軸となるプロダクトを展開する NEW WEAVE シリーズの第四弾を製作。

今シーズンは REVERSE WEAVE®の 80’s~90’s のアイテムにフォーカス。


サイドにエクスパンションガゼット、シームポケット付き。N.HOOLYWOOD のシグネチャーでもあるタグに Champion のロゴが入った NEW WEAVE 専用タグを製作。

今シーズンはマスタードのバーに NEW WEAVE の文字を載せたデザイン。
左袖にはチャンピオンの C ロゴワッペンを配置。

Champion REVERSE WEAVE®に使用される 11.5 オンスの裏起毛素材を使用、保温性も抜群です。

MUSTARD は当時リリースされたカラーからセレクトし、今回のコラボレーションのために製作。

【N.HOOLYWOOD × Champion】
Championのプロダクトをベースに新たな解釈で実験的に再構築・デザインしたカプセルコレクションを発表するN.HOOLYWOOD × Champion。
本来、縦に使われる編み生地を横方向に使用することで縦縮みを防ぎ、両脇部分には縦のガゼットを配したエクスパンションガゼットを採用することで横方向(身幅)の縮みにも対応する、Champion の特徴的な「REVERSE WEAVE®️」のルールに則りながら再設計した「NEW WEAVE」を展開。2021年のN.HOOLYWOOD × Championローンチより人気シリーズとして継続的に発表しております。

第四弾目となる今シーズンのNEW WEAVEは、REVERSE WEAVE®︎の80’s~90’sのアイテムにフォーカス。

SIZE : S / M / L / XL
MATERIALS : Cotton90%,Polyester10%

着丈 / ゆき / 身幅
S : 66 / 89.5 / 61
M : 68 / 93 / 63
L : 69.5 / 95 / 66
XL : 71.5 / 97.5 / 70




The fourth in the NEW WEAVE series, which is a new concept for REVERSE WEAVE®, but also develops products that are different from the original.

This season focuses on REVERSE WEAVE® items from the 80's~90's.
The new interpretation is developed while incorporating the details and colours of the time.

This piece is cut in a three-dimensional way, following the shape of the body. Made from a single piece of fabric from the front, through the sleeves to the back.

Sleeves with a rounded form, as if they were going inwards.
With side expansion gussets, seam pockets and a NEW WEAVE exclusive tag featuring N.HOOLYWOOD's signature tag with the Champion logo.

This season, the design features NEW WEAVE text on a mustard bar.
Champion's C logo patch on the left sleeve.

Loose, wide silhouette.
Made from the same 11.5 oz. backed fabric used in the Champion REVERSE WEAVE® for extra warmth.

The MUSTARD was selected from the colours released at the time and produced for this collaboration.

N.HOOLYWOOD x Champion
N.HOOLYWOOD × Champion presents a capsule collection based on Champion's products, experimentally reconstructed and designed with a new interpretation.
The knitted fabric is originally used in the horizontal direction to prevent vertical shrinkage by using it in the vertical direction, and the expansion gusset with vertical gussets on both sides is used to cope with shrinkage in the horizontal direction (body width), and was redesigned in accordance with Champion's characteristic "REVERSE WEAVE®️" rule. NEW WEAVE" has been continuously presented as a popular series since the launch of N.HOOLYWOOD x Champion in 2021.

This season's NEW WEAVE, the fourth in the series, focuses on the 80's~90's items from REVERSE WEAVE®︎.
The items are produced using 3D cutting, continuing from the previous season, while incorporating the details and colours of the time.
The popular standard hooded sweatshirts, crew neck sweatshirts and sweatpants have been updated with new colours and details. Furthermore, a new zip-up hooded sweatshirt and mock neck sweatshirt have been added to the line-up, with a total of five models going on sale on 11 October 2023 (Wednesday).

SIZE : S / M / L / XL
MATERIALS : 90% Cotton, 10% Polyester

Length / sag / width
S : 66 / 89.5 / 61
M : 68 / 93 / 63
L : 69.5 / 95 / 66
XL : 71.5 / 97.5 / 70

Please note that there are cases where items are out of stock or sold out due to not being updated in time.

Please inquire from CONTACT because there is a case that there is stock for the shop when it is out of stock.

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